Oil Refining Minerals

Activated Bleaching Earth, High Flow (Hypo), Carbon
Product Names:- Activated Bleaching Earth/ Fuller’s Earth,Hypo, Activated Carbon
Application:- Refining of oil ,Animal fats,Bio fuels,Mineral oil
Available In Packing : 16/25 Kgs PP Bags/Customize Packing available


Product Description

We offer our clients Bleaching Earth/Clay, which is manufactured from quality montmorillonite clays. These are selectively mined and scientifically blended, under stringent process controls. While making bleaching Earth, special care is taken to maintain important properties, like absorptive capacity, acid properties, catalytic properties, ion exchange capacity and particle size distribution.


We found significant application in decolorizing by removing color pigments like carotenoids, chlorophyll and pheophytine.
Also helps in the removal of gums (phospholipids), FFA and soap contents and traces of heavy metals in vegetable oils.
Reducing and controlling different oil parameters like peroxide value, anisidine value, UV-absorption value and FFA contents.
Purification of aromatic compounds in case of mineral oils and removal of sulfur, acid – tars, acid – sludge and sulfonic acid.


 Higher Bleaching Rate: Effective removal of chlorophyll, carotenes and other coloring pigments.         

Minimal Oil Retention: Quick easy settling and filtration results in less oil loss for the customer and higher through put.

 Lower Dosage: Higher active surface area results in improved bleaching capacity using less quantity of clay.

Higher Absorbing Capacity: Effectively removes soap content, phosphatides, peroxides and heavy metal traces due to large pore diameter, pore volume and surface area.

Toxin Free: Contains no mineral acids that can damage the oil.