We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Activated Carbon, since 2002. We offer premium quality Activated Carbon manufactured from high Quality Wood, Charcoal and Lignite. We are having a capacity of 2000 Mt. per annum of Activated Carbon.
To achieve best quality of carbon we procuring best quality of wood/Charcoal as per client’s specification and requirements. Our prime focus is always been to provide Best Quality Product to each and every client.
We also offer technical assistance to Consumers for appropriate grade as per their product and application, for enabling us to manufacture and supply Activated Carbon as per Customer’s special needs.

Activated Carbon1
Activated Carbon2


  1. Powdered
  2. Granular
  3.  Pellet


  • Lignite
  • Coal
  • Pine wood
  • Coconut Shell


Powdered Activated Carbon

  • Ideal for the decolorization of liquid sweeteners and purification of food ingredients.
  • Used in pharmaceutical and chemical purification as both an adsorbent and a catalyst support.
  • Tailored particle size allowed you to achieve optimal balance between filtration requirements and adsorption kinetics.

Granular Activated Carbon

  • Ideal for high-efficiency purification of liquids, gases and vapors including gasoline vapor recovery system and air purification applications.
  • Portable water treatment uses wood based granular carbon in gravity filters.
  • High hardness and low water soluble version are allowed.
  • Catalyst carbon has superior capacity of removing chloramines and chlorine in point of use water filters.

Pellet Activated Carbon

  • Pellet can be used in solvent recovery from air stream such as the vapor of benzene, ketone, ester, petroleum. The fasting adsorption and desorption, high capacity for treatment solvents air stream that the recovery capacity can reach to 97%.
  • The odor in the indoor air includes ammonia, amine, and trim ethylamine, sulfur methanol, hydrogen sulfide etc., using pellets as adsorption material removes and deodorize more efficient, and also removal particles and moisture existing air, particularly aromatics.