It is great pride to introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of high quality Fuller’s Earths. Our plant production capacity was 6,000 MT per annum. We mine, process and market all types of Fuller’s Earth for all type of edible and non edible oils processing.
Fuller’s Earth is manufactured from the best quality raw materials, we carefully select raw clay and monitor through number of quality control checks and procedures. At processing plant, we use the most advanced technology and state of art machinery through experienced staff to monitor and manufacture the best quality Bleaching Earth. The quality control checks at all stages of production, handling and dispatch.

Fuller's Earth2
Fuller's Earth1


• In the Refinement and de-colorization of petroleum products, cotton seed and soy oils, tallow, and other fats and oils.
• As an Oil and grease absorbent and bleaching agent.
• Cosmetic creams and face packs.
• Agricultural pesticide carriers.
• Manufacture of various catalysts used in the petroleum and chemical industries.