Product Names:- Coconut Oil
Available In Packing : 5/10/15 Ltr Tin /Customize Packing available

Coconut oil derived from expelled pressing the oil from dried coconut. In this method, the fresh coconut meat is dried first, and then later the oil is pressed out of the coconut.

Coconut oil is a delicious and healthy alternative to artificial fats and oils, but coconut oil also has benefits for your skin and is one of the best natural moisturizers you can use. It gives longer lasting results as an organic moisturizer for dry skin than any artificial body lotion can provide. Coconut oil has become increasingly popular in health and natural food circles and with vegans. It is a flavor that has a touch of sweetness, which works well in baked goods, pastries and sauces.

Product Names:- Mustard Oil
Available In Packing : 5/10/15 Ltr Tin /Customize Packing available

Mustard oil prepared by cold pressed high quality of mustard seeds contains high pungency and aroma contributes rich taste to your dish. It is best suited for pickles to keep them fresh for a longer duration while retaining their traditional flavor.

Good for appetite

 Good antibacterial property

 Very effective in curing cold, cough, body pains and aches

Product Names:- Castor Oil
Available In Packing : 5/10/15 Ltr Tin /Customize Packing available

Castor oil offered is rich, amber substance that is produced from tropical castor bean plant.

Being a thick liquid, the oil is rich in fatty acids that make it a natural emollient and a perfect moisturizer. The oil also contains properties like being anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that makes it superior for healing, cleansing and removing scars.

The superior quality of the oil also makes it good for oil therapy applications.

Castor oil is used in cosmetic industry and its moisturizing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties makes it useful for relieving body pain, inducing bowel movement as well as providing moisture required by the body.

Some other uses of oil include in soap making as well as suited for shampoo bars and skin-care products.

Product Names:- Groundnut Oil
Available In Packing : 5/10/15 Ltr Tin /Customize Packing available

Natural Groundnut Oil is extracted from the natural and chemical free Groundnut kernel in a conventional method.

Groundnut contains high quality fibers it gives more nutrients benefits.

During extraction process groundnut should be crushed from this method.

Groundnut oil contains valuable amounts of anti-oxidant vitamin E.

It lowers bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body.

Groundnut oil is rich in proteins. The amino acids present in them are good for proper growth and development of body.

It regulates blood pressure.

Product Names:- Sesame Oil
Available In Packing : 5/10/15 Ltr Tin /Customize Packing available

Sesame oil is reputed to penetrate the skin easily and is used in India for oil massage. Sesame oil is specially used for massaging as it is believed to rid the body of heat due to its viscous nature upon rubbing. It is also used for hair and scalp massage. Sesame oil is used in the manufacture of Ayurvedic drugs. It is also used in many cosmetic applications, including as carrier oil.

Sesame oil is a source of vitamin E. Sesame oil also contains magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B6.

Pure organic sesame oil is a perfect remedy for deep conditioning dry, damaged long hair, strengthening brittle and split hair strands, plus promoting a healthy scalp and new hair growth.